My Proven 60 Days Method To Grow A Profitable Email List (even if You Have Already Tried Everything Else)
(This Works Equally For Beginners and Those Who Have Been Doing it For Years Even if You HATE Writing Emails)

💡Did you know that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA, 2019)? That means that you are leaving SERIOUS MONEY on the table if you don’t start attracting, nurturing, and converting email subscribers TODAY!


  • You can’t grow your email list no matter what you do which means you have Googled stuff but can’t seem to put the pieces together. You have lost so much time and money and can’t afford to waste more!
  • You stare at the blinking cursor not knowing what to send and forgot the last time you sent something which means your audience is not engaged and you are burnt out. 
  • You are paying your email provider every month for services you’re not even using which means you are losing money and not even making a cent back.
  • ​You put together email sequences that don’t drive conversions or sales which means you are leaving so much money on the table for your competitors to grab.
  • ​You don’t even know how to send traffic to your opt-in page, which means that you have invested all that time for nobody to see it. You get crickets.
  • ​Even when you type “good enough” emails your subscribers still don’t open them which means you don’t have a loyal community that you can sell to… yet.
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Luckily for you, there’s a solution. Let me introduce you to my new online course, Email Growth Simplified, the revolutionary program that helps marketers and entrepreneurs attract, nurture, and convert email subscribers into raving fans in 60 days or less.

Imagine Yourself:

  • Selling from your emails so that you can create and sell as many offers as you want without having to spend money on ads, which means you will SELL MORE and INVEST LESS, all while growing a loyal customer base.
  • Creating irresistible lead magnets that convert and get more opt-ins every day so that you can continue growing your loyal customers on autopilot, which means you will get qualified leads without having to lift a finger.
  • ​Giving people more value from your emails and gain their trust so that you can create and grow a profitable and loyal email community, which means you will always have people to sell to whether social media gets deleted or not. An email list is yours forever.
  • Selling your products as well as other people’s without sounding desperate so that you can grow your revenue, which means you will have more freedom to create what you want and when you want it while feeling confident about your audience trusting and buying from you.
  • Having a proven step-by-step system that helps you with this so that you can create a compelling list and keep them coming back, which means you will grab their attention and make a stronger impact from your emails.
  • Doing all that without having to trade time for money because your business should be fun and automated, which means you get the freedom to do what you want while your email list works for you! Picture yourself sipping margaritas while your emails add extra revenue to your bank account.

Meet Your New Email Marketing Coach

I’m a serial entrepreneur and a conversion copywriter who has founded multiple online businesses from scratch. Now I teach other entrepreneurs and online marketers how to leverage the power of email marketing to grow profitable email lists that 10x their business’ revenue.
- Elenny Frometa
The Formula:
Find your target audience (qualified leads) and pull them to your opt-in page with organic and paid traffic so that they can join your email list and receive value from you.
Send them valuable resources so that you can gain their trust and create an engaged email community of leads that WANT your emails (and open them... and take action).
Turn those engaged subscribers into loyal customers so that you can sell on autopilot without having to promote with paid ads. Free sales!
Use our pre-written templates and email sequences to fill in the blanks and create your engaging and nurturing emails so that you never run out of emails!
But Don’t Just Take My Word For It. Take a Look At This.


  • This online course has 8 core modules that are released weekly.
  • It starts on August 3rd, 2020.
  • ​100% self-paced so that you can go as fast or slow as you want.

Regularly This Course Sells For $497
But Right Now It's Just $297!


Welcome Sequence, Nurture Sequence, Sales/Launch Sequence Templates
These emails will save you so much time. These are the emails you are going to edit and send out depending on your goals for your email campaigns.

Included in Email Growth Simplified

Exclusive Access to Facebook Community
We will share our big (and small) wins inside this group, provide constructive feedback, and grow together as a community. This is like having a mini-me in your pocket.

Included in Email Growth Simplified

Free-Access To My Favorite Growth & Automation Software (plural)...
Using these software is so important because you will save so much time (and money!), and use those resources for other important things like your content creation and spending time with your family.

It's like delegating your work! Seriously.

$Over 250
Included in Email Growth Simplified

"Don't Know What to Send" Email Templates
Pre-written by a conversion copywriter and proven to drive results, this email templates vault is a life-saver.
Just plug and play!

Included in Email Growth Simplified


The lessons in this course are primarily text and screenshot based.

I chose this format for a reason.

Rather than making you watch long videos for you not to retain anything, the text format along with pictures (and some short videos) will help you digest the information better so that you can take immediate action and get started implementing without getting lost.

The answers to your questions will literally be just one scroll away. Everything is laid out in front of you.

Conditional 14-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied, email us with your completed worksheets and we’ll refund your money.


"This is amazing! But I have some questions..."

I hear you! You are about to make an important investment in yourself and your business. I am expecting you to have questions!

What if I don't have a list yet?
Perfect! I will show you how to grow your email list from scratch and you will do it the right way.
Your current number doesn't matter!
What if I'm not tech savvy?
I'm not tech savvy either! This isn't hard. The growth and automation software I use are so easy to follow that even my toddler can use them.
Okay, maybe not my toddler, but you definitely can. Plus you will get walkthroughs on how to use each one :)
But my email list is dead!
You have an email list and they're so "dead" they don't even open your emails anymore?
That's not a problem. You've got two choices: a nurture sequence (templates provided inside) or starting over but doing it the right way.
Either way, I've got your back.
But what if I can't do this?
Here's what I always say, and you can quote me on this:

- Parents don't know if they can parent until they become parents.
- Toddlers don't think they can walk until they fall and do it again.
- I didn't think I'd create so many businesses until I did it.
The point is that you can do this! Don't let your fear and insecurities tell you otherwise. Your ego will always try to get in the way of your success because it will try to keep you safe.

You are safe with me! 
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P.S. This gem will sell for $497. This introductory price of $297 is a “buy it now before the price goes up and the bonuses are gone” offer, so act today!

P.P.S. Let’s be honest: if you pass on this offer, in 3o or 60 days from today will you have an engaged and profitable email list that buys from you and WANTS your emails? Probably not! You’ll still want it, but won’t know how to get started. Face it, most of what you need is easy to follow steps on how to attract, nurture, and convert subscribers. Sign up now and get started on your profitable email list. Wouldn’t you want to be making a big impact (and serious money) from your emails and bragging about your success to those who said you were crazy?

Act now! Sign up now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Questions or Comments?
Contact us Right Now! Email us at:
How is this program different from others?
We don't focus on "just" growing an email list; we focus on growing targeted email lists that will eventually lead to a loyal community and sales.
There are other programs out there, even free ones, but what we cover in one module is what other programs tend to consist of entirely.
This program is packed with value and strategies that work, and we will keep updating it to make sure it stays that way.
Elenny is a professional copywriter as well, and having an entire module dedicated to email marketing copy is itself worth well over $997.
How often are the lessons released?
The lessons are released every 7 days from your enrollment date. 
This shall give you enough time to watch, learn, and implement without feeling overwhelmed.
What am I getting out of Email Growth Simplified?
A lot of bonuses, video trainings, worksheets, templates, a lot of knowledge, support, an email list that actually grows and sells, what else?
What can I expect from this program?
Aside from the knowledge on how to grow, nurture, and sell from your emails, you will be given worksheets, templates, scripts, video lessons.
You'll also join a private community to receive ongoing support and share your wins!
Who can benefit from it?
Literally anybody who is selling and creating online, and needs to grow an email list.
Perfect for bloggers, authors, podcasters, content creators, course creators, freelancers, e-commerce sellers, you get it.
How long is this course?
This is designed to last for 60 days from the open-cart date, but you can take as long as you need because it is 100% self-paced! No pressure :)
When are the modules being released?
Module 1 will be released on August 3rd, 2020, and the other modules are going to be drip-fed (released every 7 days).
This will give you time to digest the material and implement what you learn on the go.
What is your refund policy?
Conditional 14-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied, email us with your completed worksheets within 14 days of the first module being open, and we’ll refund your money.
My question isn't listed here
We've got answers! Contact us at and ask away! 
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